Re: Navigating remote branches in qgit

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2007-02-04 20:28:19
Hello Pavel,

> Remote refs should recognized and be shown in a new color.  gitk uses
> orange (#ffddaa) on the left and green on the right.  I think qgit
> should use orange for the whole rectangle and drop "remotes/" in
> addition to "refs/", since the color will imply it.

I will post a quick patch, just to get the idea.

> It would be nice to have a refs browser that would show both loaded and
> non-loaded refs, but I realize that it's not a quick fix type of change.

Well, perhaps is not so hard, we already have

Git::getAllRefNames(uint mask, bool onlyLoaded)

that seems to fit. First parameter 'mask' could have following or-ed flags:

	enum RefType {
		TAG        = 1,
		BRANCH     = 2,
		REF        = 16,
		APPLIED    = 32,
		UN_APPLIED = 64,
		ANY_REF    = 127

> Please feel free to ask for help with testing and design of the
> weirdness indicator :)

It should be great :-)


P.S: Grouped menu items patch will follow :-)
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