Re: [PATCH] add --remote option to git-clone.

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2007-02-03 14:00:29
Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> ...
>> I am not against the general idea of tracking a subset of
>> branches, but issues include:
>> [explains why git-remote is a better place for this]
> Seeing your patch to git-remote, it feels more natural, too. Especially 
> since that (or which? :-D) does not give the term "clone" a 
> Microsoft'esque completely new meaning.

I did not find anything MS'esque in what MST did in his patch,
though.  I think it is a reasonable thing to ask for from a
clone.  For example, if you are coming from CVS or have used
Cogito, cloning a single branch is not an unusual operation at

The real point of my 'remote add -f -t -m' patch is that I think
we are much better off to do it in a bottom up way, by having a
tool that can be used in any repository first.  Then we could
even rewrite 'git clone' along these lines:

	track="*" ;# command line parameter to override...
	... decide what $name to use ...
	mkdir "$name"
	cd "$name"
	git init-db
        git remote add -f -t "$track" origin $url
	git branch -f master remotes/origin/master

Of course you would need to deal with -n, --bare and stuff, but
that is a minor detail.

While I am talking about post 1.5.0 git-clone changes, one thing
I've always hated about git-clone is that the cloner always has
to guess where the HEAD pointer at the other side points at.
This comes from a shortcoming in the fetch-pack protocol (it
simply does not tell).  A stupid consequence of this is that
cloning over dumb protocols also have to guess, although they
are _capable_ of letting the cloner know this information.

I think the logic to decide where to point remotes/$origin/HEAD
to should be moved to "git-remote add -m" when we eventually
rewrite "git-clone" to use "git-remote add -f".  And while we
would do so, we can make a trivial extension to fetch-pack
protocol to carry the HEAD symref information.  All will be
good once that happens.

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