Re: GIT - error: no such remote ref refs/heads/TestBranch

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-12-22 11:52:51
Peter Baumann <>

> I'm also not so confident about mixing "add NEW files" with "updating
> the contents of already known files".

File boundaries do not matter ;-)  You are adding contents.
Sometimes new contents are contained in a file that git already
knew about.  Other times they are contained in a file that git
did not know about.

But that is a phylosophical answer, not a practical one, since
majority of the time (unless you are talking about the first few
weeks of a new project) you will be adding contents that happen
to be in the files git knows about.

I think the operation related but different from "git add ."
Carl talks about would be useful in practice.  I do not know
what the option should be called.

	"git add --modified"?
        "git add --tracked"?
        "git add --updated"?

It would work in the same way as the pre-commit step of "git
commit -a".

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