Re: [PATCH] make 'git add' a first class user friendly interface to the index

From: Jakub Narebski <>
Date: 2006-12-03 04:12:55
Carl Worth wrote:

> If git's model imposes the requirement, "we should first teach one
> thing, then move on to teach a subsequent thing", it would be just
> that much nicer if the commands themselves could help us do that,
> (because the default would do the thing they would need first, and
> then the user has to explicitly do _something_ else to get the
> subsequent thing).
> See? I'm just trying to make the command set more naturally provide
> the same flow of learning that we've been proposing for the tutorial.

Not exactly. For example more user-friendly is "mv -i" than "mv",
but noone proposes to make "mv -i" default (well, you can alias
"mv" to "mv -i" in shell, while you cannot alias "commit" to "commit -a"
in git).

So i think having the default geared towards advanced users and not
newbie users is O.K.

By the way, I find it a bit annoying that "git commit" outputs
git-status output (possibly multi-line if you have many untracked
but unignored files in working area) before "nothing to commit".

P.S. Is there a difference between "git commit ." and "git commit -a"?
Jakub Narebski
Warsaw, Poland
ShadeHawk on #git

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