Re: git and bzr

From: Andy Parkins <>
Date: 2006-11-29 06:40:38
On Tuesday 2006, November 28 19:11, Nicholas Allen wrote:

> This can't be fail safe though. I would prefer to also have the option
> to be able to *explicitly* tell the RCS that a file was renamed and not
> have it try to detect from the content  which is bound to have corner
> cases that fail. When I know I renamed a file why can't I explicitly

You want to tell git about a rename that will never fail to be detected?  No 

$ git mv oldname newname
$ git commit

The corner cases you speak about are when you rename and edit.

For me, I prefer that to be detected as at least the detection algorithm can 
be tuned - there is no fixing it if the VCS was forced to consider it a 

When I started using git I was worried about the lack of a rename, but now I 
realise that it's not needed - it's pointless.  The VCS is snapshotting 
moments in time, that's it.  Then by making cleverer and cleverer 
interpreters of those snapshots you have the potential to do stuff that is 
far more useful than "just" rename recording.

Dr Andrew Parkins, M Eng (Hons), AMIEE
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