Re: [PATCH 5/5] fetch: Clean output

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-09-30 20:37:44
Santi <> writes:

> So at the end, something like this output?
> $ git fetch -v   # the committish lines for the -v.
> * refs/heads/origin: fast forward to remote branch 'master' of ../git/
> 1ad7a06..bc1a580
> * refs/heads/pu: does not fast forward to remote branch 'pu' of ../git/
> 7c733a8...5faa935
> forcing update.
> * refs/heads/next: same as remote branch 'origin/next' of ../git/
> committish: ce47b9f
> ...
> * refs/tags/v1.4.2-rc4: storing tag 'v1.4.2-rc4' of ../git/
> committish: 8c7a107
> $ git fetch -v origin refs/heads/master
> * committish: 695dffe
> branch 'master' of ../git/

For the last one, the second and third line feel backwards.

Most cases in your summary (i.e. storing on a tracking branch or
tag) in general look like:

        * <local ref name>: <what happened and where it came from>
	<label>: <object names>

where <label> (e.g. describes what <object names>
mean.  So to be consistent, the <label> for "same as" case
(i.e. storing what is fetched in a local ref, but it was already
the same) and "storing anew" case, we might want to say their
true object types, not "committish".

Also we probably would want to "s/remote branch/branch" in the
"where from" part, since we always say "remote" in fetch anyway.

Then the last case where we do not use local tracking branch
would simply be something like:

	* fetched branch 'master' of ../git
        commit: 695dffe

How about this?  Essentially the same as the above but with
minor tweaks.

1. the ones we store in our local ref (either branches or tags):

 1a) fast-forward

  * refs/heads/origin: fast forward to branch 'master' of ../git/ 1ad7a06..bc1a580

 1b) same (only shown under -v)

  * refs/heads/next: same as branch 'origin/next' of ../git/
    commit: ce47b9f

 1c) non-fast-forward, forced

  * refs/heads/pu: forcing update to branch 'pu' of ../git/ 7c733a8...5faa935

 1d) non-fast-forward, did not update because not forced

  * refs/heads/po: does not fast-forward to branch 'po' of ../git/ 7c733a8...5faa935

 1e) creating a new local ref to store

  * refs/tags/v1.4.2-rc4: storing tag 'v1.4.2-rc4' of ../git/
    tag: 8c7a107

2. the ones we do not store in our local ref (only shown under -v):

  * fetched branch 'master' of ../git
    commit: 695dffe

I think we should reword the "what happened" for 1d to clarify
that we did not touch refs/heads/po, but other than that I am
reasonably happy about how they look consistent.

But please don't take the above too seriously.  As everybody
should be very well aware by now, I am very bad at UI designs.

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