problem with cvsimport

From: picca Frédéric <>
Date: 2006-09-30 01:25:51

When I tried to import the tango-cs project from sourceforge with this command:
 git cvsimport -p --no-cvs-direct -v -d -C . tango

The import stop with:

skip patchset 3711: 1159522098 before 1159522323
skip patchset 3712: 1159522157 before 1159522323
skip patchset 3713: 1159522283 before 1159522323
skip patchset 3714: 1159522323 before 1159522323
fatal: Needed a single revision
fatal: Needed a single revision

What is the problème.

I am using git

Have a good day.
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