Re: Fix approxidate() to understand more extended numbers

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2006-09-29 16:03:11
On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Morten Welinder wrote:
> Just don't hack at 12am or 12pm.

I think 12pm is correct, but 12am probably isn't (12am should _subtract_ 
12, while 12pm does _not_ add 12).

That said, I have a rice cooker that avoids the problem by saying "0:10 PM" 
for ten minutes past midday ;)

Of course, all sane and civilized countries just use 24-hour format 
anyway. "Military time" my *ss. 

Some day the US will turn metric and 24-hour-format. If the sun doesn't 
turn into a red giant first, that is.

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