Re: [PATCH] Use "hash1..hash2" instead of "from hash1 to hash2"

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-09-29 12:28:59
This kind of "appearance only" change needs better
justification.  Not that I am saying "from .. to" is better for
such and such reasons, but that's how it's been, so if you are
proposing to change it, you need to defend why it would help
users (otherwise I would get hate mails that say "why did you
merge it -- it broke my work habit in such and such way").

You may be doing this for brevity.  In that case, it could
also be worth shortening them to n unique digits; do we have a
command to get "here is the SHA-1; give me its unique
abbreviation at least n letters long but make it longer as
needed to keep it unique"?

You may be doing this to help Cut & Paste.  Using A..B without
spaces in between makes it easy to grab both at the same time as
a range to give them to "git log".  At the same time it makes it
harder to pick only A or B, so this is two-edged.

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