Re: git and time

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-09-28 11:23:23
Matthew L Foster <> writes:

> Ignoring the separate issue of replication for a momment, can
> someone respond to my time integrity question about whether a
> future version of git could trust/prefer its local time rather
> than a remote/sub/parent (non replicated) git server's
> timestamp?

This must be a trick question.  git does not trust _any_
timestamp, so there is no local "rather than" remote.

So, no there is no chance for that.

Having said that, what Porcelains like gitweb and gitk do are
completely different issue.  I already outlined how you can do
that using reflog last night, so I am not going to repeat it
here.  Also Linus stressed that why the "order that commits
appeared on a particular branch in one particular repository" is
strictly local issue today at least three times, and I hope
everybody understood it by now.

As Shawn said in a nearby thread, in a public and prominent
repository like repository it may sometimes be
interesting and useful to know when each commit became available
on each branch.  I am reasonably sure that it would not however
make gitweb output easier to read to order its output by that
timestamp.   Linus pulls from subsystem maintainers all the time
and one pull may bring in dozens of commits, and they will get
the same timestamp if you did so.  Actually it is worse than
that.  He tends to batch, so he would have many such pulls and
patch applications in his private repository, perhaps over a few
hour, but the result will be pushed out to with one
push operation.  To show the "truthful" time, your gitweb would
give the timestamp of that push operation for hundreds of
commits pushed out during that operation.

I do not personally think that would be useful at all.  And I
happen to know how expensive to teach gitweb to produce such an
output, so I would not seriously suggest anybody to try it.

Can we please close this topic?

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