Re: git pull for update of netdev fails.

From: Catalin Marinas <>
Date: 2006-09-23 23:15:01
On 23/09/06, Petr Baudis <> wrote:
> Dear diary, on Sat, Sep 23, 2006 at 06:00:35AM CEST, I got a letter
> where Shawn Pearce <> said that...
> > I can see the same concept of ref history being useful even for
> > core git-rebase and doing it this way would also give it to StGIT
> > without Catalin needing to change code.
> In my StGIT tree, I don't want to have arbitrary N-days cutoff point,
> I want all the patches history preserved at least as long as I carry
> the patch, because it's just as valuable as the "regular" project
> history to me.

That's how it currently works (the top of the log is in
refs/patches/<branch>/<patch>.log). I gave up the idea of using
reflogs for patch history.

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