Re: Subversion-style incrementing revision numbers

From: Jakub Narebski <>
Date: 2006-09-20 08:07:08
Joel Dice wrote:

> I'm considering adopting Git for a medium-sized project which is currently 
> managed using Subversion.  I've used Git for a few smaller projects 
> already, and the thing I've missed most from Subversion is the convenience 
> of incrementing revision numbers.  The following is a proposal to add this 
> feature to Git.
> Rationale:
> Incrementing revision numbers (IRNs - an acronym I just made up) are 
> useful in that they can be treated as auto-generated tags which are easier 
> to remember and communicate than SHA hashes, yet do not require extra 
> effort to create like real tags.  Also, they have the advantage of being 
> chronologically ordered, so if I assert that a bug was fixed in revision 
> 42 of a shared repository, everyone may assume that revision 45 has that 
> fix as well.

That is true _only_ if you have linear history. If you have multiple
concurrent branches, revision 42 can be in branch 'next', revision '45' in
topic branch 'xx/topic' which forked before revision 42, and do not have
the fix.

Unfortunately, one cannot (as of now) use result of git-describe as
<commit-ish>. I'd rather have it fixed, than port idea from _centralized_
SCM do distributed SCM.

> Proposal:
> As with Subversion, the IRN state in Git would be specific to a given 
> repository and have no significance beyond that repository.  Also like 
> Subversion, IRN state would be global across a repository, so that a 
> commit to any branch would increment the current IRN value.  Every Git 
> command taking a revision parameter would accept an IRN using a syntax 
> such as "r$IRN".  Every commit would report the IRN to the user as well as 
> the SHA ID.  The IRN feature could be enabled or disabled via a 
> configuration option.

This of course limits IRN much. Tags are valid across repositories.
I'm not sure if many repositories are managed using shared repositories
(centralized approach).

Jakub Narebski
Warsaw, Poland
ShadeHawk on #git

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