Re: Tracking a branch using StGIT

From: Rajkumar S <>
Date: 2006-09-15 21:59:38
On 9/15/06, Jakub Narebski <> wrote:

> git pull is git fetch + merge of first head in remotes file with _current_
> branch.

I was under the impression that git pull is git pull + merge of
corresponding branches in remotes files. ie master -> origin and
RELENG_1 -> RELENG_1. Is such a pull possible, for all lines in
remotes file?

In my case I am only interested in RELENG_1 branch, so would it be
fine if I just put the
"Pull: refs/heads/RELENG_1:refs/heads/RELENG_1" line in my remotes
file? Since I use StGIT I do not intend  to modify my local RELENG_1
branch except by StGIT patches, so all pulls from remote should be
fast forward merged. Thus if the stg pull can pull in the remote
RELENG_1 to local RELENG_1 with patched popped, and fastforward merge
it, it would be great.

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