Re: cvs import

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2006-09-14 14:40:47
On 9/14/06, Michael Haggerty <> wrote:
> > IIRC, it places branch tags as late as possible. I haven't looked at
> > it in detail, but an import immediately after the first commit against
> > the branch may yield a different branchpoint from the same import done
> > a bit later.
> This is correct.  And IMO it makes sense from the standpoint of an
> all-at-once conversion.
> But I was under the impression that this wouldn't matter for
> content-indexed-based SCMs.  The content of all possible branching
> points is identical, and therefore from your point of view the topology
> should be the same, no?

Exactly. But if you shift the branching point to later, two things change

 - it is possible that (in some corner cases) the content itself
changes as the branching point could end up being moved a couple of
commits "later". one of the downsides of cvs not being atomic.

 - even if the content does not change, rearranging of history in git
is a no-no. git relies on history being read-only 100%

> But aside from this point, I think an intrinsic part of implementing
> incremental conversion is "convert the subsequent changes to the CVS
> repository *subject to the constraints* imposed by decisions made in
> earlier conversion runs.

Yes, and that's a fundamental change in the algorithm. That's exactly
why I mentioned it in this thread ;-) Any incremental importer has to
make up some parts of history, and then remember what it has made up.

So part of the process becomes
 - figure our history on top of the history we already parsed
 - check whether the cvs repo now has any 'new' history that affects
already-parsed history negatively, and report those as errors


> This is the reason that I am pessimistic
> that incremental conversion will ever work robustly.

We all are :) But for a repo that doesn't go through direct tampering,
we can improve the algorithm to be more stable.

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