Re: Change set based shallow clone

From: Shawn Pearce <>
Date: 2006-09-11 10:03:06
Paul Mackerras <> wrote:
> The bottom line is that I can speed up the startup for the hot-cache
> case quite a lot.  The cold-cache case is going to take about 20-30
> seconds whatever I do unless Linus or Junio can come up with a way to
> pack the heads and tags.  I could read the refs asynchronously but
> there will still be a long delay in git rev-parse if you give
> arguments such as --all.

I've been thinking about implementing ref storage within a Git tree
object.  Just store the commit/tag/object IDs in a tree (or graph
of trees) with a mode of '0'.  Anchor that under '.git/refs-tree'.
Any edit of a ref would "lock" .git/refs-tree, create a new tree
containing the update, then replace .git/refs-tree.

But it would put additional stress on the objects directory by
creating a lot of trees which would never get pulled into pack
files and thus would need to be pruned away on a regular basis.

It also would make parallel updates more difficult on the server
side as everyone would need to wait for the lock to .git/refs-tree
before they can change any ref; today users only need to wait for
the ref they are trying to change.

It also doesn't help looking up a ref quickly; although trees are
sorted they are variable length entries which forces the application
to read the entire tree to find its entry.

Given those three downsides I haven't put anything to code yet.

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