Re: Cygwin playbook?

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2006-09-07 17:18:10
On 9/7/06, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
> "Martin Langhoff" <> writes:
> > - What cygwin packages are needed?
> I am not in front of Windows machine so I need to check later if
> nobody beats me to this, but essentially it is the same as on
> sane Unix systems.  Cygwin folks did a good job providing
> necessary libraries readily available from their Setup.exe.

Sorry to ask this... Are you sure? Vanilla base setup with no extra
packages getting gcc and various -dev packages? Perhaps there is a
'developer' profile during install that gets you a reasonable kit?

About 5 minutes ago I managed to get limited access (non-root, cannot
install packages) to a cygwin env using rdesktop. It did have gcc and
make, but make bombed out with a missing libcurl and openssl header
files. IIRC, diff3/merge isn't in the base install either.

In debian I can look at apt-cache show git-core to get a quick
overview of dependencies but here I'm lost :(

> > - Need to fudge makefile?
> No; not even autoconf was needed and it installed out of the box
> for me (w2k).

That's great to know.

> > - How do I install for personal use?
> make install would install under whereever you call ~/bin in
> Cygwin environment, and that is how I have mine.


> > - How do I install in /usr/local?
> I do not think of a reason why "make prefix=/usr/local" would
> not work but I haven't tried it myself so don't quote me on
> this.

Is cygwin still installable in 2 modes? (Used to be personal and
system-wide or something like that.)

If that's the case, then in a system-wide install you must be root to
write to /usr/local (I'm guessing here) and there's no sudo or su -c
'make prefix=/usr/local install' so you'd have to open an admin
session. Can cygwin shell be invoked under RunAs?

> > - Anything else I should know?
> You would probably have great pain if on vfat.  It appears to
> work Ok on NTFS.  It appears to be quite slow, judging from
> the way it runs our standard test suite.

Thanks! So no vfat. In terms of speed, this should be for a
small/medium project. No linux kernel development on Windows just yet

Thanks! that's a starting point, though I'm intrigued about the
packages required. Are there ways to query what packages you have
installed (a la dpkg -l) and to install a list of packages from

Oh, what an ignorant fop I am.


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