Re: A look at some alternative PACK file encodings

From: Shawn Pearce <>
Date: 2006-09-07 15:46:51
Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
> Shawn Pearce <> writes:
> > And I'm half-way done with the 64 bit mmap sliding window.  You,
> > Junio and I are all hacking on the same tiny bit of core code for
> > different reasons.  :-)
> Which makes me quite nervous, actually.

What order do you want the patches in then?

I'm willing to go before or after Nico's offset changes, and before
or after your 64 bit index changes.

Either way two of us are going to have to redo our work on top of
the others.  I'm finding that I'm basically rewriting the sliding
window code onto your 64 bit version - there's no easy merge here.
And Nico's got the same problem, he's in unpack_delta_entry too.

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