Re: send-pack: limit on negative references

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-09-06 02:23:13
Andy Whitcroft <> writes:

> I've been having trouble with git push apparently resending the entire
> commit trace for the branch each and every time I push; even with short
> branch names.  This seems to be related to the changes made to handle
> the case where the remote end has a large number of branches (>900).

I think the right fix is to do one or both of the following, and
lift that 900 cut-off entirely.

One is to teach rev-list to read the information it is taking
from the command line instead from its standard input.

Another is to teach pack-object the same trick on top of my
patch last night.  This has an added benefit that we save one
pipe+fork+exec there.

These are essentially suggestions from Linus made twice
separately in the past, so they must be on the right track ;-).

If nobody does, I would do it myself, but the list is welcome to
beat me to it.  Especially, the former (giving --stdin option to
rev-list) should be trivial.

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