Re: New git commit tool

From: Paul Mackerras <>
Date: 2006-09-05 07:20:06
Linus Torvalds writes:

> I do have a fourth issue, which is that I hate "gitool" as a name. It 
> either parses as "gi"+"tool", which makes no sense, or "git"+"ool", which 
> also makes no sense. "gitk" was cute, "gitool" is just irritating ;)

I was calling it "gitt" for a long time, which is at least shorter and
easier to type.  I also thought of "tick" (anagram of tk + "ci" for
check in), but maybe all that shows I've been doing too many cryptic
crosswords lately. :)  The "gitool" was by analogy with the "citool"
of another system we've both used.  I'm happy to change it if someone
has a better idea...

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