Re: [PATCH] git-repack: create new packs inside $PACKDIR, not cwd

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-09-04 20:13:24
"Martin Langhoff (CatalystIT)" <> writes:

> BTW, I think there's a small error.
> Your packtmp includes $$ which means that rm -f "$PACKTMP" will only
> clear out old packs..

That was deliberate.  I hate programs that clean things up
behind user's back.  The first "rm" is to get rid of what would
collide with what we are going to do (i.e. protecting ourselves)
and "trap rm" is to make sure we do not leave the cruft we know
we are going to create.  I'd rather leave other people's cruft
around, unless the purpose of the command is to clean things up,
and repack is hardly that.

VGER BF report: H 0.149712
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