Re: git refuses to switch to older branches

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-08-20 08:39:20
Martin Waitz <> writes:

> This safety measure is quite useful normally, but for files that are
> explicitly marked as to-be-ignored it should not be neccessary.
> But all the code that handles .gitignore is only used by ls-files now.
> Does it make sense to add exclude handling to unpack-trees.c, too?

In principle, I am not opposed to the idea of making read-tree
take the ignore information into consideration.

But I would suggest you to be _extremely_ careful if you want to
try this.  I do not have an example offhand, but I would not be
surprised at all if there is a valid use case where it is useful
to have a pattern that matches a tracked file in .gitignore

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