Re: [PATCH] gitweb: configurable home link string

From: Jakub Narebski <>
Date: 2006-08-16 02:15:05
Yasushi SHOJI wrote:

> I've always found difficult to figure out git URL for clone from
> gitweb URL because git:// and http:// are different on many site
> including
> I've found this enhancement at when I was on
> git channel, and thought that it'd be nice if all public gitweb site
> show it's git URL on its page.
> This patch allow us to change the home link string.  The current
> default is "projects" as we all see on gitweb now.
> ie. might set this variable to "git://"
> Signed-off-by: Yasushi SHOJI <>

There is similar improvement in gitweb-xmms2, where the git clone/fetch
URL for an individual project is visible in the "summary" page for project,
see e.g.;a=summary

I plan on implementing such a feature, with an improvement that URL is not
displayed if $git_base_url (your $home_link_str) is not defined (e.g.
repository is not published)... or you can reimplement this feature.;a=commit;h=8e327dfbdebedd0c5fc02fe606fd4675b43237d7

Jakub Narebski
Warsaw, Poland
ShadeHawk on #git

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