Re: merge-recur status

From: Johannes Schindelin <>
Date: 2006-08-10 17:54:55

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006, Fredrik Kuivinen wrote:

> I just want to say that you have made a great work with porting
> merge-recursive to C!

Thank you! I was feeling bad a little, because you were the creator of it, 
and I just bastardized it. But given my plans with MinGW, I needed to get 
rid of Python (it exists on Python, but has all kinds of path conversion 
> I ran merge-recur through a couple of test merges that I used to test
> merge-recursive with. It is mostly merge cases people have posted to
> the mailing list, but also some home made ones. For some of them I get
> segmentation faults, see the log below. The first three come from
> Linus kernel tree. The last one,
> 44583d380d189095fa959ec8ba87f0cb6deb15f5, is from Thomas Gleixner's
> historical Linux kernel repository. I haven't seen "fatal: fatal:
> cache changed flush_cache();" before...
> Let me know if you can't reproduce some them.

I could reproduce already yesterday ;-) The patch "merge-recur: do not die 
unnecessarily" I sent out earlier gets rid of this error.

But yes, I want to test -recur with the linux kernel on the weekend.


P.S.: Pavel, thanks for the "A dedicated programmer with good C and Python 
skills could rewrite in C in 2 days, I believe. Add 
a few days of bug fixing, of course." underestimation. I do not know if I 
had started fiddling with it if I had known how involved it is.

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