Re: [PATCH] gitweb.cgi: Customization

From: Matthias Lederhofer <>
Date: 2006-08-02 17:09:51
Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
> In any case, I think tweaking gitweb.cgi from Makefile like
> Martin Waitz did is as easy and clean for people who want to
> customize; it should just be the matter of defining the
> necessary params in config.mak.

> I do not think there is much difference between any of the
> customization proposed so far (yours, Martin's and the one from
> Matthias Lederhofer) from functionality and ease-of-use point of
> view.  They all try to make customization can be done in one
> place, and the difference is mostly of taste, so I'd just pick
> one from Martin.
Functionality is a bit different.  If you have a configuration where
perl is used this cannot be done using the make variables.  I would like
to have the option to include a perl file (this does not conflict with
using the Makefile to fill in some values), I've explained this in my
other patch.  The ways I see to specify the file to include are an
environment variable (I don't know if all webservers make it easy to set
one), files after __DATA__ or just $include_file =
@@GITWEB_INCLUDE_FILE@@ which is replaced by the filename or undef if
the user did not set this variable.  For the .pm thing I don't know if
it is not too complicated to change the path I can put the file and just
allowing the user to specify the full path is probably the best.  (I
think the $include_file way is probably the one to use, using __DATA__
is a bit obscur, and not everyone can set environment variables for the
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