Re: remove perl from

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-07-13 14:38:56
"Alex Riesen" <> writes:

> It is really annoying when the essentials do not work.
> I think we could improve at  least them, by minimizing
> their dependencies to external tools.
> ---
> has only ohne place where perl is used
> and it can actually quite trivially be done in sh.
> git-ls-files without "-z" produces quoted output, even if
> is different from that produced by perl code it could be
> enough. Otherwise I'd better suggest to add another
> quoting style (replacing only \t, \n and backslash) than
> having to constantly patch for binmode
> or perl path (Windows has no stable tool set, and perl
> for instance often resides "somewhere").

(1) Sign-off?

(2) I think the cover letter comment talks more apporpirate
    things than your proposed commit message.  The commit log is
    not a place to vent your frustration.  It's where you
    justify why that change was needed for people who will want
    to figure out why your patch broke their workflow later.

I do not think anybody parses git-status output to figure out
the list of paths that are touched/untracked/etc., so I am not
opposed to this change itself.

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