Re: [PATCH 3/3] Make clear_commit_marks() clean harder

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2006-07-04 08:55:00
On Mon, 3 Jul 2006, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Traversing is actually wrong. Clearing the marks does not mean to clear 
> them on commits we did not even mark!

If we didn't mark them, then clearing them would be a no-op, so nobody 
really cares.

> But clearing on commits we _have_ -- but not parsed -- is important, 
> obviously.

Right. The point is, some logic can choose to mark commits UNINTERESTING 
without even parsing that commit, and it would be a good thing. You only 
need to parse the commit once you decide that you need its parents (or 
it's tree, of course), but you may be able to mark it uninteresting before 

This is why it is _wrong_ to care about the "parsed" bit when clearing the 

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