Re: A series file for git?

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-06-24 07:52:57 (Eric W. Biederman) writes:

> Is there any real difference between using git-format-patch | git-am
> and using git-am to apply patches.  I was using git-cherry-pick simply
> because it was easier to sha1 too.
> - When you reorder patches minor merge conflicts are common
>   so a big pipe won't work very often in practice.  So you
>   need a way to handle failures in the middle.

True.  The big pipe's answer to that question is that git-am
stashes what is fed to it just like when it is applying multiple
patches in .dotest/ and lets you continue from where a breakage
happened.  Also the way rebase (without the new --merge flag)
worked was to produce format-patch with full blob SHA1's on the
index lines and run git-am with --3way, so it can fall back on
three-way merge when the patch does not apply.  This often
resulted in "git-am --3way" detecting a patch that does not
apply, falling back to do a three way to notice that the patch
has already been applied.

I have to think about the rest of your message on "series" file.

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