Re: [PATCH] cvsimport: introduce -L<imit> option to workaround memory leaks

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2006-05-26 10:42:09
On 5/23/06, Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
> This stupid patch on top of yours seems to make git happier. It's
> disgusting, I know, but it just repacks things every kilo-commit.

Call me slow, but I am still running and rerunning that gentoo import. ;-)

The current import has reached ~200K commits, and .git is 450MB, while
the checked out tree is 230MB (680MB with .git). At this stage, git
repack -a -d is too memory hungry. I just had to kill it after it took
2GB and was still growing fast. So I have dropped the -a in my test
import for the time being.

Other than that, we are doing ~6K commits per hour on a 2GB 2GHz Opteron.


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