Re: importing cvs logical modules

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2006-05-25 16:16:47
On 5/25/06, Geoff Russell <> wrote:
> The tight linkage is absolutely essential.
> When we tag the system, we
> want to tag everything (not individually tag all 300 programs)
> so that later we can to branch at that tag. Very few of our

Then you want a single git repo/tree/project. The thing is how to work
through your mangled CVS history.

Two options there...

 - Don't. Import from after the last directory reorg or from your last
interesting release. Keep the cvs tree for people who really want to
dig into the past. this has several advantages, as initial checkouts
will be faster, import times shorter, less pain overall.

 - Mangle import to match your reorganizations:
   - Generate the cvsps output file
   - Duplicate/copy files in the cvs repo so that files are in both
places if you've been mving them around.
   - Mangle the cvsps output file from each reorg onwards. This is
nasty, but it will define the history that cvsimport sees.


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