importing cvs logical modules

From: Geoff Russell <>
Date: 2006-05-25 14:48:25

Firstly, the code to automagically
repack a git repository on-the-fly during a big load has solved one of
my problems - thanks, it is great. Unfortunately  it has bought me to
showstopper number 2.

- cvs modules.

cvs allows you to define modules which rearrange the physical repository into
a different logical structure.  This sounds great and we use it, but it gives
us other headaches because "cvs update" doesn't always do the right
thing with these modules.

Furthermore cvsps doesn't appear to handle this module feature at all and
is tricked into thinking that rearranged directories come from somewhere
else and issues its "file xxx doesn't match strip_path" message.

I have tried to hack cvsps to go around the problem, but without success.

Another alternative that I thought might be easier would be to unload the cvs
repository in clean pieces - each being a git repository. Then to join the
git repositories together in the desired way. I think this would be
generally useful and not just solve my problem.

e.g. Suppose I have 3 git repositories: Progs, xxxx, yyyy


I'd like to make 1 git repository Progs with xxxx and yyyy as child trees.


Does this sound useful to anyone else, or is it already possible?

Geoff Russell.
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