Re: [PATCH] send-email: allow sendmail binary to be used instead of SMTP

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-05-15 19:47:31
Eric Wong <> writes:

> I believe this is what Martin wanted.  I think it's a good idea since
> sendmail binaries tend to be more flexible, but I'm ok with it either
> way.

I am not opposed to have an option to run a local submission
agent binary (I said I like that if(){}else{} there, didn't I?).
The ability to do so is a good thing.  I am not however sure
about changing the default when no option is specified on the
command line.

>> > +	if ($smtp_server =~ m#^/#) {
>> I like this if(){}else{} here, but have a feeling that the
>> logging part should be placed outside it to be shared.
> Cleaned that up a bit, patch coming.  Also removed the Port: printout
> completely, as it's rather redundant (see below).
>> While we are at it, we might want to enhance $smtp_server parsing
>> to take host:port notation so that people can use message
>> submission port 587/tcp (RFC 4409) instead.
> This already works, IO::Socket::INET (behind Net::SMTP) takes care of
> it :)

Thanks.  Maybe the next option would be delivery to a file (or
even SMTP batch)? ;-)

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