Re: how to display file history?

From: Shawn Pearce <>
Date: 2006-05-15 16:00:54
"Brown, Len" <> wrote:
> it is tiresome to access tree display
> to see the list of commits that changed a particular file.
> (and for files on my local disk, this isn't available).
> How do I print the list of commits that change a particular file
> on my local disk?

I'm confused - why aren't these available on your local disk?  Do you
not have a clone of the kernel repository local?  If you don't have
a clone you aren't really going to be able to get a history.

But assuming you had one use whatchanged:

	git whatchanged A

will show only the commits which affected file A, listing them in
reverse order (most recent to oldest).

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