Re: Implementing branch attributes in git config

From: Johannes Schindelin <>
Date: 2006-05-09 21:34:19

On Tue, 9 May 2006, Martin Waitz wrote:

> So why is everybody trying to munch all branch related data into
> one .ini style config file?
> why not simply use the mechanisms we use elsewhere and build something
> like our remotes or the new HEAD file?

Because it is good to have one consistent tool to query/update what makes 
up the configuration. Of course, we really could go about it like M$ who 
invent a hundred an twenty three ways to do the same thing, all with their 
own set of bugs.

I admit that repo-config has not been as stable as it could have been. 
That was my fault, certainly. But with the help of the list, it has become 
more stable.

Now, if we decide upon a totally different config format, okay, that's 
what it takes. But please let's not have several different formats 


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