Re: Unresolved issues #2 (shallow clone again)

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2006-05-08 09:27:24
On 5/7/06, Sergey Vlasov <> wrote:
> For linux v2.6.16:
> 7,3M commits-b41b04a36afebdba3b70b74f419fc7d97249bd7f.pack
>  24M commits_trees-8397f1c2a885527acd07e2caa8c95df626451493.pack
>  97M full-c7b2747a674ff55cb4a59dabebe419f191e360df.pack

With this pack arrangement, do you get any noticeable difference in
walking commits? How about walking commits+trees with git-log <path> ?

I wonder whether segregating packs by object type would make things better...


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