Re: [PATCH] built-in "git grep" (git grip).

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-05-03 05:07:04
Jakub Narebski <> writes:

>> I renamed "git grip" to "git grep" and "git diffn" to "git diff"
>> both in "next" branch to avoid confusion.  Thanks Andreas,
>> Jakub, and others for input.
> So, is there a way to use old, script version of those commands?

I'd say that is probably not the real question you wanted to
ask, but let's pretend it is for a moment.

The "master" branch has not been updated to remove the script
one, so you can keep running "master" one (or 1.3.X series).  Or
you can fork your own private edition by tweaking git.c (prevent
it from running the builtin one) and Makefile (resurrect the
script based one and prevent it from installing git-grep
hardlinked with git itself).  One thing that I will not do in
the long run, however, is to keep the script based one and have
builtin one.  It is like carrying all the earlier slightly
incompatible versions as,, and in the source for fear of backward compatibility
problems -- it is crazy.

So the real question, is what are still missing in the built-in
implementation.  What will we lose if we remove the script based
one and replace it with today's built-in one, if we are ready to
do it today, and if not what we are going to do about them.  My
answer to the latter questions are "not yet" (obviously, that is
why "master" does not have it yet), and "will support what are

Here are main differences that I am aware of:

 - The shell-script one, if you use GNU grep, accepts more
   options to grep than what the current built-in one supports.
   Notable ones that are missing: fixed strings (-F), patterns
   from file (-f), count matches (-c), omit filenames (-h),
   skipping binary files (-I, -U), files without match (-L),
   pcre (-P), silent (-q), word expression (-w), NUL (-z).  They
   should be easy to add if somebody cares enough, and I plan to
   do a few myself before pushing it out to "master".

 - The shell-script one can be coaxed to use different "grep"
   implementation from the standard one with an appropriate PATH

At the lowest level, buitlin-grep.c::grep_buffer() function is
called with the set of parsed options, the "filename" used for
reporting, and the text to grepped in-core.  The shell-script
one always worked on working tree files, but the built-in one
can work on working tree files and also alternatively on files
from other versions.  Regardless of where the file comes from,
this function is called to look for the pattern the user is
looking for.

You can do two things.

One is to add support for commonly used but still missing
features to built-in one.  For this, you would need to extend
"struct grep_opt" to hold new option parameters (e.g. if you
want to do "-f", you would need to hold all patterns you obtain
from the named file so grep_buffer() can use them -- currently
it supports only one pattern), and teach grep_buffer() how to do
the new feature.

Another thing you can do is to detect GIT_EXTERNAL_GREP (in the
same spirit as GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF) environment variable at the
front of grep_buffer(), and when it is set, spawn the named
external program with the original parameters the user supplied,
probably stashed away in "struct grep_opt" when cmd_grep() does
its parameter parsing, and feed it the contents of the buffer.

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