[ANNOUNCE] git-svnconvert: YASI (Yet Another SVN importer)

From: Rutger Nijlunsing <rutger@nospam.com>
Date: 2006-04-10 02:34:26
Hi all,

Since I didn't succeed in importing a (private) SVN repo into git, I
wrote a new converter to handle more cases like:

  - use command line svn instead of some perl library to have less
    dependancies and to support proxy + repo authentification.
    Might even work on MacOSX ;)
  - automatic merge detection by looking at from which revision a
    revision gets its files
  - visualisation of the branch tree with dotty to check what git-convert
    would produce _before_ importing it.
  - /trunk is moved to /branches/old, /branches/new_branch becomes /trunk
    in next revision (ARGH!)
  - To be able to continue after a ^C and be able to continue where
    it stopped.
  - have configurable repo layout to handle things like:
    - files next to branches in /branches
    - /branches/


Rutger Nijlunsing ---------------------------------- eludias ed dse.nl
never attribute to a conspiracy which can be explained by incompetence
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