Re: HTTP repo referencing stale heads (can't clone)

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-04-04 17:03:22
Nick Hengeveld <> writes:

> Is there any interest in making the HTTP transport slighly less dumb by
> using DAV?

I personally feel PROPFIND is the right way to do "wget -r", and
very much welcome a patch to replace objects/info/packs with it
when able.

> I have a working patch to http-fetch that tries to use PROPFIND to get a
> remote pack list and falls back to using objects/info/packs.  It's
> feasible to do something similar to get a remote ref list when cloning,
> although that's a bit more work as all refs would have to be fetched
> into a local repo and parsed to determine the object type.

Faking info/refs with PROPFIND, if we do not have to peel the
onion ^{}, should be relatively cheap operation, and could be
done as an enhancement to  If your faked
info/refs file lacks ^{} entries, git-fetch cannot auto-follow
tags, but git-clone should work as before.

A clever sysadmins could mod_rewrite requests to info/refs and
objects/info/packs with a custom CGI, but then probably they
would be running git-daemon ;-).

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