Re: the war on trailing whitespace

From: Adrien Beau <>
Date: 2006-02-28 03:22:59
On 2/27/06, Andreas Ericsson <> wrote:
> So in essence, a multi-line statement is closed when a completely empty
> line is found, which means that making git internals recognize and strip
> such lines will result in Python code never being manageable by git.

Incorrect. This is only the case in the *interactive* interpreter in
the standard implementation. For source code in general, quoting the
Python Reference Manual:

"A logical line that contains only spaces, tabs, formfeeds and
possibly a comment, is ignored (i.e., no NEWLINE token is generated)."

So such lines, whether completely empty or only apparently so (i.e.
dirty), are ignored, and can be safely cleaned-up.

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