Re: Recoding of {git,cg}-log output

From: Krzysiek Pawlik <>
Date: 2006-02-27 11:50:14
Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Of course, you could always set up a script doing the recoding and
> the paging, like


> The advantage of this approach compared to adjusting git is that
> other programs use PAGER, too.

Passing code (web pages, etc) throught iconv is not a good idea -
{git,cg}-diff should show the file content as it is, not altered by iconv.

Changing PAGER is a bit... ugly and messy way of doing it. Assume that I
work on some files and want to look at some unversioned files outside
the tree (like docs, man pages, whatever) and the $PAGER passes the
legitimate ISO8859-2 files through iconv, what gives us garbage. And we
end up changing pager very often - Bad Idea (TM).

Krzysiek Pawlik (Nelchael)
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