Re: [PATCH] Add a Documentation/git-tools.txt

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-02-27 09:51:08
"Marco Costalba" <> writes:

> A brief survey of useful git tools, including third-party
> and external projects.
> Signed-off-by: Marco Costalba <>
> ---
> Suggestions/corrections from the list has been collected during the
> past week, so I resend
> the updated patch.
> Please consider for apply.

Thanks.  I've considered it, but it is seriously linewrapped.

> +        - *pcl-cvs* (contrib/)
> +
> +            This is an Emacs interface for git. The user interface is
> modeled on
> +            pcl-cvs.

Also is the emacs one really pcl-cvs?  I thought it was modeled
after pcl-cvs, but this is a different implementation to deal
with git.  If Alexandre does not have a name for it, I'd say
we'll list it as "git.el".

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