Re: [PATCH] fmt-merge-msg: avoid open "-|" list form for Perl 5.6

From: Andreas Ericsson <>
Date: 2006-02-24 01:22:43
Alex Riesen wrote:
> On 2/23/06, Andreas Ericsson <> wrote:
>>If we claim to support windows but do a poor job of it, no-one else will
>>start working on a windows-port. If we don't claim to support windows
>>but say that "it's known to work with cygwin, although be aware of these
>>performance penalties...", eventually someone will come along with their
>>shiny Visual Express and hack up support for it, even if some tools will
>>be missing and others unnecessarily complicated.
> That seem to be the case, except for shiny.
> (I really don't know what could possibly mean by that. It stinks, smears,
> and sometimes bounces. Never saw it shining).

The logo has a little glint thing on it, like those things that go 
'ting' on a front tooth in commercials for toothpaste and particularly 
healthy chewing gum.

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