Re: contrib/ area

From: Alexandre Julliard <>
Date: 2006-02-17 23:05:23
Junio C Hamano <> writes:

> By the way, I have to admit that merging these two were a bit
> painful for me.  They came as text attachments to e-mail
> messages, and I ended up hand committing with --author flag,
> while fixing up whitespaces in them [*1*].  I do not want to do
> that again.  So if you have new things to add to the contrib/
> area, please first propose it on the list, and after a list
> discussion proves there are some general interests (it does not
> have to be a list-wide consensus for a tool targeted to a
> relatively narrow audience -- for example I do not work with
> projects whose upstream is svn, so I have no use for git-svn
> myself), submit a patch to create a subdirectory of contrib/ and
> put your stuff there.

Is there interest in an emacs interface for git?  I posted a first
version (
some time ago, I'd be happy to send you a patch with my latest version
if you want to include it.

Alexandre Julliard
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