Re: [ANNOUNCE] pg - A patch porcelain for GIT

From: Sam Vilain <>
Date: 2006-02-15 11:22:53
Petr Baudis wrote:
>>my impression of git is that you don't change stuff that's already 
>>committed.  you revert changes by applying a new commit that backs out 
>>the original changes.  i'm speculating, but i suspect that's why there's 
>>a "stg pick --reverse" and not a "stg uncommit."
> It is ok as long as you know what are you doing - if you don't push out
> the commits you've just "undid" (or work on a public accessible
> repository in the first place, but I think that's kind of rare these
> days; quick survey - does anyone reading these lines do that?), there's
> nothing wrong on it, and it gives you nice flexibility.

Yes, and this is one problem I envision with publishing a git repository
with an stgit stack applied - somebody later doing a pull of it will not
find the head revision they had.  I'm not sure what the net effect of
this will be, though.

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