Re: What's in git.git

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2006-02-15 10:10:39
> >   (1) First merge "master" into "topic":
> >
> >         $ git checkout topic
> >         $ git pull . master
> >
> >   (3) Pick commits only on "topic" branch but not on "master"
> >
> >         $ git rev-list --pretty --no-merges master..topic >P.log
> >
> >       This will pick up the three 'o' commits on the lower
> >       development track and show their commit log message.
> >
> >
> > This obviously would work equally well for single strand of
> > pearls case.  Maybe you can package the above up, and send in a
> > patch to add "git-squash" command?
> I am stupid.  (4) can be done a lot more easily.  Do not do step
> (2) -- you do not need a diff at all.  But do do step (3) to get
> the logs.  Then:
> 	$ git reset --soft master
>         $ git commit -F P.log -e

Yes, that all seems to work as advertised.  One extra wrinkle was to
preserve the author information by grepping out the last Author: line
from the log.  Here's the work-in-progress version of git-squash (I
don't have a "master" branch, so I stuck in the "mbranch" shell variable
so there is only one place for me to change ... to mbranch=linus).

Any style (or other) comments?  If not I'll package into patch format
with a manual page in a few days.



. git-sh-setup


if [ ! -f .git/refs/heads/"$branch" ]
	die "Can't see branch '$branch'"

if [ -f .git/refs/heads/"$branch"-unsquashed ]
	die "Branch '$branch' has been squashed before"

cp .git/refs/heads/"$branch" .git/refs/heads/"$branch"-unsquashed

git checkout "$branch" || die "Couldn't checkout '$branch'"

git pull . $mbranch || die "Can't merge $mbranch into $branch"

git-rev-list --pretty --no-merges $mbranch..$branch > /tmp/git-squash-$$

git reset --soft $mbranch

author=$(sed -n -e  '/^Author: /s///p' /tmp/git-squash-$$ | tail -1)

git commit --author "$author" -F /tmp/git-squash-$$ -e

rm -f /tmp/git-squash-$$
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