Re: several quick questions

From: Andreas Ericsson <>
Date: 2006-02-15 10:00:57
Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Josef Weidendorfer <> writes:
>>Why not allow something like
>>	git-checkout master~5
>>which implicitly does create a read-only branch "seek-point"?
> Now what does "git-checkout branch" mean?  Does it switch to the
> branch, or does it force tip of seek-point to be the tip of
> branch and switch to seek-point branch?  More interestingly,
> what does "git-checkout seek-point" mean? 
> If we _were_ to do something like cg-seek where an implicit
> throw-away branch is used, you at least need a way to
> disambiguate these cases, and "git seek" originally suggested is
> far clearer than what you said above.

Nah. What's the point of having another protected name. Just allow

	$ git checkout -b discard HEAD~15

and we're good to go.

> Having said that, I am not convinced in either way, though.
>>A branch could be marked readonly by above command with
>>	chmod a-w .git/refs/heads/seek
> I do not think that would work.  Have you tried it?

It wouldn't on cygwin, for one. I'm against having things work 
differently on different platforms. If nothing else it usually worsens 
the bitrot that always happens to documentation.

>>And git-commit should refuse to commit on a readonly ref, telling
>>the user to create a writable branch before with "git-branch new".
> Now, read-only ref does not interest me, but "do not commit on
> top of this yourself, only fast-forward from somewhere else is
> allowed" may be useful, for the reason why you mentioned
> "origin".

Do my suggestion and you wouldn't have to worry about read-only 
branches, and although merging any changes from it might be more trouble 
than its worth, it might be possible to cherry-pick the commit rather 
than reverting and re-applying it.

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