Re: Quick question

From: Radoslaw Szkodzinski <>
Date: 2006-02-14 13:21:54
Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Wow, you have a strong voice.
I didn't want to sound rude at all, of course.

>> That's why I used the -o (--others).
> You asked it to show either ignored or others.

So here's the catch? I don't think so.
But the manpage isn't totally clear in this matter.

When I specify just -o, it gives me files which weren't ignored too.
-o -i gives me only ignored files.
Plain -i returns nothing.

With git directory, compare:
git-ls-files -o -i -X .gitignore

git-ls-files -o

The remainder is:
git-ls-files -o -X .gitignore

I have the documentation built.
(Yes, I'm not including its .gitignore on purpose)

>> I would like to use it for backup~ hunting purposes in a script
>> and not have to worry about find and other less portable tools.
> I usually do this for that:
> 	git ls-files -o '*~'

Also good. I have *~ in ignored too, so I think -o -i will suffice.

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