Re: gitweb using "--cc"?

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2006-02-11 20:17:19
On 2/9/06, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
> Does it matter?  I presume that a Porcelain that cares would
> rather use the traditional "diff-tree -m -r" to look at diff
> with each parent.  I dunno.

Yes, please preserve this behaviour.

I pulled today the diff-tree -c semantic change and now I see, in git archive:

$ git-diff-tree -r ca182053c7710a286d72102f4576cf32e0dafcfb
::100644 100644 100644 538d21d808b7ccc287e7bdd947f1583eadcda28b
59042d1bc9ee65063455b50a0968efb0b8182577 MM        Makefile

$ git-diff-tree -r -m ca182053c7710a286d72102f4576cf32e0dafcfb
:100644 100644 538d21d808b7ccc287e7bdd947f1583eadcda28b
59042d1bc9ee65063455b50a0968efb0b8182577 M      Makefile
:100644 100644 410b758aab7efc6d777f0344500f97b1cbc52946
6c47c3a3e1acb8badaadad42dfe3d0bd7a06cac3 M      entry.c
:100644 100644 30479b4a19805132a16facf6342b1438427486b7
59042d1bc9ee65063455b50a0968efb0b8182577 M      Makefile

Please _do not_ change this behaviour to make -m a no-op as stated in
"diff-tree -c raw output" patch message

qgit has the possibility to switch from "see all merge files" to "see
interesting only", so
we really need that difference between 'git-diff-tree -r' and
'git-diff-tree -r -m'

Anyhow I am very happy with this change because it broke qgit ;-) but when fixed
it will have a lot of code removed and will be faster too.

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