Re: [Cogito] Various bugs

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2006-02-07 13:03:13
Petr Baudis <> writes:

> I'm puzzled. GIT should handle this fine.
> 	export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=''
> 	git-commit-tree $(cg-object-id -t)
> works as expected, but for some reason escaping me it does not work
> inside of cg-commit. Insights welcomed.

They probably do not have anything to do with the problem at
hand, but I just noticed your version of pick-author code in
cg-commit lacks two changes I added to git-commit:

 (1) the pick_author_script you have in cg-commit lacks the
     support for names with single-quotes in them

 (2) I run the sed script with LANG and LC_ALL set to C locale.
     I think I had some trouble without them with high-bit
     names, (e3e291fc07b49b74bb655ca854bdb19e849e044c) but the
     detail escapes me.

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