Re: [Announce] gitview-0.1

From: Aneesh Kumar <>
Date: 2006-02-01 22:28:32
On 2/1/06, Aneesh Kumar <> wrote:
> On 2/1/06, Dave Jones <> wrote:


> >
> > The one thing I like about gitk over this though is that with gitk
> > you don't have to click a button to see the diff.
> > For casual history browsing, it's much nicer to just scroll the bottom
> > window. Making it pop up a new window for each diff is just irritating.
> >
> I always browse the repository looking at the commit message and only
> if interested i look at the changes.  That's why i made it look that
> way.

with gitview  (attached) I have added an option --with-diff. That will
add the diff details. Now I would like somebody with good git
knowledge to review the different  commands that i am using to get
information out of git  For example with --with-diff option i am
getting the complete diff by

for parent_id in  parent_sha1 parent_sha2 parent_sha3 .......
commit_diff = commit_diff + git diff tree -p parent_id commit_sha1

is this the correct way ?


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