Re: Notes on Subproject Support

From: Alexander Litvinov <>
Date: 2006-01-23 17:06:53
In our development we use a little bit other case (it is simplified):
1. We have self written C++ library for linked list implementation. Lets call 
it liblist.
2. We have project A that use liblist as separate directory and project B that 
use this library too.

Currently we have 3 cvs projects with cvs-modules for linking liblist to A and 
B. During development of A and B we often modify liblist to fix bugs and 
these changes are immidatly visible to all projects who use liblist.

After full implementation of bind functionality I see one restriction: I have 
to use one repo for storing all three projects: A, B and liblist to make 
changes of liblist visible to all projects. The solution is to make separate 
repos and on each change of liblist in prokect A push these changes to 
liblist repo and pull them into project B again - bit hacky solution.
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